The 'PILO Purifier' Attracts and Eliminates Odors and Impurities

 - Jun 15, 2019
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
Air purifiers are traditionally comprised of a fan and a filter, but the 'PILO Purifier' takes things in a distinctly different direction by eliminating the need for electricity. Filled with BlackStuff stuffing foam, the pillow features activated charcoal that will naturally attract and eliminate the odors and impurities that might be present within a home. This will work to improve the air quality in an eco-friendly manner and allow inhabitants to enjoy a clean, fresh home that's as health-focused as possible.

The 'PILO Purifier' has a discreet design that is disguised as a throw pillow to allow it to seamlessly blend in with other decor items in the home like a couch or bed. This will ensure air is always as crisp and fresh as possible without the need for conventional air purifiers.