These DIY Watermelon Peter Pan Collars Add Color to Any Outfit

Add some unexpected color to your wardrobe this season with these handmade fruit Peter Pan collars that are cleverly shaped like refreshing slices of watermelon. These elegant embroidered collars are ideal for dressing up a plain T-shirt or dress.

Peter Pan collars are typically wide collar design with two round edges that connect together just under the neck. This DIY watermelon collar is a great accessory to have because it is designed as a necklace meaning you can wear it overtop of any outfit to add the look of a stylish collar. This watermelon collar necklace is made from rosy pink fabric with embroidery embellishments that make up the black seeds and green melon rind. The rounded edges of the collar perfectly replicate the look of two watermelon slices. The collar is then secured to two pieces of black ribbon so you can tie it around your neck.