This Petals and Peacocks Shirt Doesn't Offer a Shoulder to Cry On

 - Oct 24, 2014
References: petalsandpeacocks & shop.nylon
This shirt by Petals and Peacocks reads "More Tissues for Your Issues."

Some girls have more issues than Vogue. You know the type: they're constantly whining, moaning, sighing and complaining. Nothing goes right for them. The glass is perpetually half-empty. There's nothing you can do, really, they were just born under an unlucky star. Unfortunately, you can't change someone's attitude for them, and if they're starting to sound like a broken record, maybe it's time for some tough love. As in, take a tissue and move along, because you don't want to hear it!

If your friend is being a little melodramatic, let them know they're acting like a total primadonna with a swift point towards your sweater.