The ‘Pepper Spraying Cop' Tumblr Curates the Infam

It’s only been days since the UC Davis incident occurred involving law enforcers attacking peaceful demonstrators, but already a ‘Pepper Spraying Cop’ Tumblr has emerged to parody the event. Superimposing a popular image of the police officer onto random pop culture images, the quirky satirical blog is bringing the laughs while simultaneously drawing attention to the police force’s abuse of self-defense equipment.

Adding to the hilarity of the ‘Pepper Spraying Cop’ Tumblr is the fact that each image has dialog spoken by the people within each respective picture before said Pepper Spraying Cop arrives to ruin the party. These narrations usually abruptly end with a slew of unintelligible letters which replicate the sounds victims make as they are being attacked by the inconsiderate cop.