Have The Looney Tunes for Dinner with the Pepe Le Pew Salt Shaker

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: neatorama & neatoshop
Have a laugh at your dinner table with the Pepe Le Pew and Penelope on a Motorcycle Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Your favorite love-struck skunk Pepe Le Pew has finally caught the fierce woman of his fantasies and wants to share his happiness over dinner. Crafted carefully with glazed ceramic, this salt and pepper shaker is adorable and useful. Magnets hold the two shakers together so the two love sick creatures can keep each other company. These are easily refillable like most salt and pepper shakers, but of course much more romantic.

This is a perfect gift for the love-obsessed person in your life, and will add "character" to the home.