The 'Nerd Revenge 2000' Video by Jorg Sprave is for Shooting Zombies

 - Mar 6, 2012
References: slingshotchannel & technabob
The new Nerd Revenge 2000 Pencil Launcher by Jörg Sprave and the team at is a pump action-style slingshot that is capable of firing pencils, just when you thought they were only good for scribbling. Next time you've trapped yourself in an office building and hordes of zombies will inevitably break down your barrier, you won't be all out of options and ammunition. The Pencil Launcher is capable of firing 10 pencils at over 100 miles per hour, giving the term "pencil pusher" a whole new meaning.

Extremely dangerous, this rubber powered weapon should only be used on the off chance that the zombie apocalypse does happen, in that case, the Nerd Revenge 2000 should be miles easier to reload.