Steffi Min Fashions the Peg Lamp for Quick Light Bulb Changes

 - May 10, 2011
References: steffimin & ohgizmo
Forget the "how many people does it take to change a light bulb?" joke; this ingenious Peg lamp is hilarious enough on its own. But not only is this unique lamp funny, it's also highly functional.

Created by designer Steffi Min, the Peg lamp allows users to easily replace light bulbs by holding down the ends of the peg, inserting in a new light bulb, and letting the peg clamp down on the freshly replaced bulb. This can be a great convenience and time-saver, making the Peg lamp's novelty secondary to its engineering. Still, having an over-sized clothes peg lamp hanging in the middle of your room would be pretty amazing.

If you're a fan of Steffi Min's Peg lamp, you can check out more of her wacky creations on her website.