The Pas de Deux Lamp Emulates the Tall and Slim Profile of Tapers

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: sarahboettger
There is a clean and elegant look to long wax candles that's difficult to achieve with electric lights; however, the Pas de Deux Lamp manages to accomplish it. The two lovely illuminators are remarkably minimalist and they conceal their negligible fussy details on their back sides.

Thin sheets of metal are cut into slender strips with rounded ends and creased slightly down their middles. This form gently contours the tubular lightbulb and connects to a small cylindrical base. A fine wire escapes from Sarah Boettger's table lamp as the main clue that it is not a low-tech object. Now position the blue and white Pas de Deux Lamps close enough to the wall and allow them to deliver a nice diffuse source of light.