Paperglass Spectacles Fold to Just a Few Millimeters' Thickness

 - Oct 3, 2013
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Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to try so hard to take care of your eyeglasses? If it isn't enough that lenses are easily scratched, the hinges are another part that's commonly damaged. The latter, at least, is no concern with Paperglasses.

The Nishimura Precision Company of Japan has come up with a really clever design for its spectacles. The stems that usually cause your fold-up bifocals to take up extra space have been reworked to pivot and wrap around the tops of the frames instead. It's really quite a simple concept, and it's therefore surprising that it isn't already a standard practice in eyewear manufacturing.

Fine but very stiff metal wires form the delicate Paperglass design. These specs are so slick that they can be easily slipped away anywhere when they're not needed.