This Book Details All of the Ways Someone Can Lose a Pair of Glasses

 - Nov 3, 2015
References: amazon & bustle
'Warby Parker' is entering the literary world with a new book that details all of the ways that someone can lose a pair of glasses. There are certain struggles that only those who wear glasses can understand. This book pokes fun at the life of bespectacled consumes with beautiful illustrations and lighthearted humor.

The book is called '50 Ways to Lose Your Glasses' and it comes in both hard-cover and Kindle format. The book is a humorous read that revolves around the struggle of wearing glasses. The book features a number of stories from those who have loved and lost a pair of trusty spectacles. Theses stories detail all of the unexpected ways that one can lose a pair of glasses. Each story is then accompanied by an illustration produced by artist John Lee.

The beautiful and humorous novel is the perfect gift for anyone who is constantly losing their specs.