Mehdi Sadaghdar Tests to See if AC or DC is More Painful

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: electroboom & laughingsquid
Engineer Mehdi Sadaghdar has an insatiable curiousity that drove him to test human pain threshold when dealing with alternating currents (AC) and direct currents (DC).

Watching this guy repeatedly attach metal conductors to his tongue and turn up the voltage to test his pain threshold is way more hilarious than it is illuminating, especially when he puts on the wrong settings and starts cursing and knocking over the camera. In the interest of science and discovery, Sadaghdar's findings show that AC causes more torturous pain at only half the voltage that DC does. It also makes his tongue spasm in a toe-tappingly rhythmic fashion. So, scientists and masochists only need to remember to be sure to set half the voltage when using AC to electrocute someone or themselves.

It's all in the name of science, and a cheap laugh too!