Hellohello Pays You to Hang Out Online

 - Nov 14, 2009
References: youtube & interestinglycoolstuff
HelloHello is a social networking site that lets people chat with friends, blog about the latest fad, or whatever is their heart’s utmost desire, while accruing points that can later be transformed into cold, hard cash.

Social media is a hot topic today, and getting paid to perform actions is something that has been vehemently sought after as well. There are a few sites that have attempted to combine social networking with making money, but those sites tend to focus on being little more than a glorified dating site. Others just haven’t quite figured out how to make money for themselves and for their patrons at the same time. Finally, there is now a site that knows how to bring the two together in beautiful (and profitable) harmony.

In general, HelloHello is along the quality lines of Facebook and Myspace and has great features like a classified ads section, events department, and even a clubs section. But the really great thing about this site is that you can truly socialize with your present friends while networking with new ones. The blogs are actual blogs, and not blog entries like on Myspace. You can even post up pictures of your favorite places, or even that crazy picture of yourself when everyone dared you to eat 10 hot dogs in under 5 minutes, and you did it, then got really sick and then passed out (good times, good times).

Whatever you are up for, HelloHello probably has a forum to suit your needs, or better yet, you can be daring and adventurous and start your own forum on your favorite hobby (as of this writing, an underwater basket weaving forum had not formed as of yet - *sigh*). If you like having fun, and chatting online, and would like a cool new way to hang out with friends, HelloHello is definitely the site to check out and say hello to!