The Pad Stash by Nau is a Soft Clutch Made from Recycled Wool

 - Feb 22, 2011
References: nau
For situations where you want to wrap your treasured iPad in something softer than cold plastic or metal and when you want to do your part to cut down on waste, the Pad Stash by Nau is the perfect accessory.

Made entirely from recycled wool felt, the Pad Stash by Nau couples its warm and inviting texture with a surprising level of versatility. Instead of merely resigning itself to merely covering iPads, the Pad Stash by Nau comes complete with plenty of pockets, a large viewing portal and even a folding cover which can transform into a stand for your iPad. In this way, the Stash is the perfect blend of utility, comfort, style and protection that also balances environmental concerns as well.