Oxford Uses Facebook To Find And Fine Students

 - Jul 23, 2007
References: msnbc.msn
University of Oxford officials are using Facebook to find - and fine - troublemakers.

After exams, students traditionally indulge in a spasm of "trashings" - rowdy revels that include dousing classmates in foam, eggs and flour. In recent years, students have taken to posting photos of the fracas on Facebook and disciplinary officials have begun to troll the site to identify offenders and email them fine for their behaviour.

"The University Proctors have told the students that they are welcome to meet their friends after their exams but that students who create a mess in the street with food or alcohol, or who indulge in anti-social behaviour contrary to University regulations, will be disciplined," a university spokesman said on condition of anonymity, in line with university policy.

The student union has advised students with Facebook accounts to change their privacy settings to prevent staff and faculty from viewing their profiles and photographs.