'T' by Alexander Wang for That Pulled on Tee-Shirt Look

 - Jan 16, 2009
References: alexanderwang & nitrolicious
If you haven’t seen the ‘T’ collection by Alexander Wang, there’s an easy way to conjure up an image: Travel back to a time in your youth when you used to fidget with your tee shirt by stretching the material over your knees and elbows. If you weren’t caught by your parents in time to save it, the poor tee shirt just dangled there--that is what many clothes in the ‘T’ collection look like.

Lacking in Alexander Wang's ‘T’ collection is a range of this year's most popular colors; instead, he chose to go with black, white and gray. The overstretched tee shirt dresses aren’t the only choices in the ‘T’ line; Wang has some normal tee-frocks and tee shirts as well.

You might think a designer label would mean you’d have to pay an outrageous price, but you don’t. Alexander Wang's ‘T’ apparel is affordable; prices range from $28-$40.  If that’s still too much, you can achieve this same look by referring back to the introduction and recalling your childhood.