The Oroboros Collection is Freely Formed with Liquid Paraffin

 - Feb 12, 2012
References: perhapslabs & designspotter
Designers are often permitted to be control freaks, but this is heavily dependent on the type of material introduced. When Adam Cottingham began sculpting the Oroboros Collection, he threw many of his own preconceived ideas out the door and surrendered himself to the changeable nature of molten wax.

This chair, side table and pendant lamp were modeled by the process of allowing drips of the viscous substance to fall and harden, before more material was allowed to melt and solidify on top. The drawn-out operation gradually saw the three items take shape. In the case of the light, long and delicate strings of paraffin suspend from the bowl-shaped shell above.

The Oroboros Collection is named after the symbol of the snake that eats its own tail, signifying the inextricability of destruction and creation. A candle's demise is the birth of something new.