The Optimum Resonance Speakers Achieve New Heights in Sound Quality

 - Nov 25, 2011
References: hammacher & bornrich
Audiophiles perk up your finely attuned ears, because the premium UK company Bowers & Wilkins has released their latest masterpiece entitled Optimum Resonance. Equipped with startling and dramatic aesthetics, these luxurious speakers are a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Capable of producing a superior listening experience, these Optimum Resonance speakers prove that one can indeed improve upon perfection.

This time around Bowers & Wilkins increased the precision of the speaker driver by "dampening, absorbing and channeling the rear traveling sounds, thus reducing cabinet coloration or resonance from the rear end of the device." What this means is the sound quality on these speakers is unparalleled with any other sound system currently on the market. The Optimum Resonance speakers also come equipped with 1-inch and 2-inch tweeters along the mid-range driver that add to the overall quality of the sound. The bass drivers are contained in the curved spiral tube, which allows for a clear pathway through which the sounds waves can travel unheeded.

Slapped with a $60,000 price tag, these Optimum Resonance speakers are for well-moneyed music fanatics with a good ear.