GM OnStar

 - Oct 10, 2007
References: money.cnn
OnStar is now capable of stopping a moving vehicle. The service, which comes installed on GM vehicles, has long been known to contact rescue personnel and allow drivers back into their vehicles when they're locked out. Now if your car is stolen, they can actually stop a car from running.

OnStar's GPS technology allows them to locate the exact coordinates of the vehicle. The new "Stolen Vehicle Slowdown" program allows operators to slow down the stolen vehicle avoiding deadly high-speed chases.

Subscribers who find their car has been stolen they must first contact police. OnStar can then track the vehicle, aiding law enforcement officials to locate it. Operators stay in contact with officers to confirm they have the right vehicle, by flashing the vehicle's lights, for instance. Police could then request that OnStar slow, or eventually stop the vehicle by decreasing fuel to the engine.