The Online College 'Cellular Jerks' Study Looks at Proper Cell Etiquette

 - Aug 20, 2012
References: facebook & coolinfographics
The Online College 'cellular jerks' study looks at proper etiquette when talking on a cell phone. Oftentimes people forget that they are in public and talk very loudly without taking into consideration others around them.

According to this study, there are 330 million people who use a cell phone, and 53 percent of people have admitted to feeling uncomfortable due to a loud conversation they overheard. Other handset manners that are sometimes overlooked includes those who talk, text and email while in the bathroom.

Cell phones are also the cause of hazardous driving on the road; with a rate of three out of every four adults admitting to talking and texting while behind the wheel, all drivers are at risk.

90 percent of respondents believe that they have proper cell phone etiquette but based on these results, that may not be the case.