Onesize Studio by Origins Architecture Redefines the Workspace

I'm not convinced that creative thinking can come from a cubicle concept office, and therefore, a solution like the Onesize Studio by Origins Architecture seems much more conducive to innovative thought.

The artsy firm now boasts a workspace that relies on a predominantly open plan scheme, operating on a principle similar to that of common carrel offices, but with redefined parameters of the existing architectural space. In keeping boardrooms exposed to rows of abutting desks, the company encourages social and intellectual engagement and communication between all employees.

The core of the room sees a series of wooden-ribbed structures that surround and demarcate the meeting space on two sides and the ceiling, while projection rooms are embraced by a more filled-in lumber shell, leaving an open glass wall on one side.

All in all, Onesize Studio by Origins Architecture of the Netherlands explores a new way in which coworkers and ideas can interact.