One.One.Two Lets you Plug Multiple Gadgets into the Same Socket

 - Jan 29, 2010   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: yankodesign
One.One.Two is a switch-socket hybrid that lets you plug your many gadgets and appliances into sleek and chic wall sockets that will make your walls look shiny and new instead of old and drab like most wall sockets do.

One.One.Two also serves as an on/off switch for your gadgets and has the button hidden within the actual socket. Check out the sleek socket switch in the gallery above!

Implications - Wall sockets are one of those things that many consumers dread accounting for when decorating their interiors. Product innovations like these switch socket hybrids solve a popular consumer complaint in a sleek, futuristic way. Businesses that can create products that appear refined and that help to alleviate common complaints continue to remain very popular among consumers.