The One Box Floating Sauna by Jose Freitas is in Touch with Nature

 - Jun 11, 2012
The One Box Floating Sauna is a portable spa space designed by Jose Freitas. First showcased in Prague, Czech Republic, this dynamic prototype is an innovative alternative to the traditional sauna experience.

Made to float, the waterborne spa design moves atop water while emitting heat from a coal-powered fire source. The off-kilter design is constructed from light-weight wood materials and features a collapsible and easily assembled structure. The memorable piece resembles a one person tent, consisting of linear framework and a durable fabric sheet cover.

The One Box Floating Sauna by Jose Freitas aims to enhance an individual's spa experience, bringing one closer to nature while providing them with a relaxing heated treatment. Designed with privacy and personal pampering in mind, this creative spa concept is a cool prototype with endless possibilities.