On Aqua Removes Creases from Your Clothes While in the Closet

 - Oct 1, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
Just imagine the wonderful convenience of hanging your wrinkled garments up in your wardrobe and removing them later, freshly pressed. The On Aqua would make this daydream a reality, should the Electrolux Design Lab stage 2 idea be adopted for actual production. What we have here is a fabric steamer that's shaped like a coat hanger, able to perform one of the most tedious of household chores while you carry on with your day.

Amanda Jean Tichenor incorporated a group of color-coded controls to let you easily set the innovative laundry device to your desired settings. Before you hang your work shirt or dress over top of the On Aqua, you can mold the appliance's shape to better accommodate it, and even pull down the perforated material to fill the garment completely.