Okto by Arttu Kuisma Takes a Simply Intricate Structure

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: arttukuisma & notcot.org
The modern era brought with it a trend towards lighter furnishings that are best suited adaptable and open plan spaces. Okto by Arttu Kuisma is, of course, a recent item, revealing so in its progressively versatile assembly.

This lovely little side table can be completely collapsed so to suit changing requirements of a room. It may remain in a cupboard or a closet a great deal of the time and be taken out and unfolded on the occasion of entertaining house guests.

Ideal for apartments and other small dwellings, the octahedral piece takes up no more space than necessary. It's simply composed of a circular wooden tabletop and a trio of triangular braces. Three fittings hold Okto by Arttu Kuisma open and elevated, while otherwise remaining flatten to just a couple of inches in height.