The October 2012 Flair Italia Issue Plays with Juxtaposition

Toying with juxtaposition of cultures, this October 2012 Flair Italia editorial is dynamically high-energy.

Titled 'Crowded Paradise,' this fashion story is located in what appears to be a beachside resort. The holidaymakers that frequent this sort of getaway hot spot are conventional -- parents, seniors and children. Though it may seem unconventional that a fashion editorial should toy with a scene so kitschy, this October 2012 Flair Italia piece proves that it can make for a vivid set.

Model Othilia Simon stands in the center of the vacation scenes sporting looks that resemble the Tumblr nouveau-goth phenomenon of kitschy 90s style. Simon was impeccably styled Sissy Vian who put together an alluring edgy-dark garment story. The contrasting fashion spread was expertly photographed by Laurie Bartley expertly captured this crowded paradise.