The Obstract App Makes You Complete Mazes to Web Surf

 - May 13, 2011
References: obtract & fastcodesign
Mac users looking to cut procrastination out of their schedule need to take a peek at the Obtract app from Eric St. Onge. The Obtract app is designed to help make you conscious of your procrastination by providing helpful notifications when you have strayed from your work for too long.

The app lets you blacklist certain websites that you deem to be distracting. The Obtract app provides five minutes of blacklisted procrastination time an hour. If you exceed that time the Obtract dashboard will appear warning you that you are procrastinating.

Of course, the Obtract app would be boring if it just dinged you every time you played around on Facebook. Instead, the app makes you work for more procrastination time, making you complete a series of mazes. The mazes get more difficult as you procrastinate more and are designed to make you question if tagging that extra photo is actually worth completing a massive maze.

The app is designed to improve team work habits and the data it collects can be shared with your coworkers to create a sort of anti-procrastination competition. Apple offices, this is one you are definitely going to want to give a second look.