The Nodo Collection of Tables by Pentagono Estudio is Intricate

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: & design-milk
The Nodo Collection of Tables is like a spiderweb. It may look delicate, but it is incredibly strong. This analogy is taken to the next level considering that the furniture pieces happen to resemble a web, except for the vibrant yellow hue of the fiberglass used to make it. Nevertheless, they were not inspired by the home of a spider. Instead, the Nodo Collection of Tables was inspired by the idea that "the entire universe is shaped from multiple connections that are arranged according to their capacity to give structure," according to the designers.

Created by Pentágono Estudio, a studio based in Mexico, the Nodo Collection of Tables is structurally stable and balanced thanks to its countless of connections, as well as complex because of them.