The N=N 01 Shelves Were Inspired by Comic Book Callouts

 - Jan 31, 2014
References: lucanichetto
Whether you realize it or not, the possessions that you display within your home do speak for you. The N=N 01 Shelves embrace this notion that your guests are gathering insight about your character from the items that they see in your spaces. The quirky storage system was inspired by the shapes of speech bubbles from comic books, with the individual ledges taking the places of words and letters.

The collaboration between Luca Nichetto and Nendo has produced a collection of irregularly rounded wall-mounted bookcases with clusters of translucent glass panels protruding. They come in a variety of colors and three different sizes. The N=N 01 Shelves encourage you to top these with reading materials and knickknacks that say something about your personality to give your house a voice.