The Ninja Mug Provides the Caffeine Jolt Every Silent Assassin Needs

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: firebox & laughingsquid
The Ninja Mug combines the smooth and delicious taste of coffee to your daily silent assassination missions. The mug comes with all the little things ninja fans will like.

Ever wake up in the morning, put your ninja robes and thong sandals on but not have the right mug for the occasion? Well this Ninja Mug will fit any silent ops mission that one can think of. The mug itself comes cloaked in its own mask which only reveal its sneaky eyes, a katana sword stir stick and a coaster.

The mask works as a tea cozy so you won't burn yourself while handling your secret, covert coffee, and the color scheme is all black, because what other color would be fit for a ninja?