Eu Natural's Breathe Tablets are Sourced from Organic Ingredients

 - Nov 24, 2017
References: store.eunatural
Eu Natural's Breathe sinus supplements are nettle-based and feature a number of other healing ingredients that help to clear nasal and lung pathways. Featuring eight powerful ingredients in total, this product includes anti-inflammatory boswellia, which is known for its Ayurvedic uses, butterbur extract which works as a natural allergy aid, and vitamin d.

Other key ingredients include the antioxidant quercetin which works to effectively block bacteria and air-borne substances that commonly cause allergy symptoms.

Eu Natural's Breathe sinus tablets are ideal for those looking to relieve seasonal allergies or sinus discomfort and are sure to breathe easier after use. Additionally, the supplements are a natural alternative to similar sinus products which can be steroid-based, or which rely on harsh chemical as a healing aid.