A Console Apple TV Decal Playfully Meddles with Your Media Setup

 - May 29, 2012
References: etsy & ubergizmo
Your broken old-school Nintendo system may not have a place within your entertainment unit any longer, but it can make a hint of an appearance through NES Console Apple TV decals. The compact television accessory has been fitted with disguising gel skins that wrap around the outside and the top of the gadget.

Killer Duck designed the stickers with the same grey tones and a black strip for the vent. Charming details such as the inscription and the outlines of the cable hookups and the cartridge cover establish an authenticity that references the original.

Of course, this imposter is much smaller than the video gaming machine and much more modern with its rounded corners. But the NES Console Apple TV decal does not strive to deceive; rather it aims to delight.