View the Designs Leading the Adornment Market

 - Mar 17, 2012
References: trendreports
Neck adornments have been revitalized to suit the demands of females with an appreciation for authentic, funky and entirely bizarre designs. Brands focused on the adornment niche have fused practicality with style, often creating jewelry lines that serve dual or triple purposes. The Necklace Trend Report has documented these aesthetic pursuits in the form of 97 PRO Trends and over 900 instances of sparkling customization.

Several unrelated markets have been intermixed with necklace ventures. The 'Industrial Chic' prototype exemplifies this well, merging factory-like architecture with long strings of beads. Nothing is found as taboo on the ornamental market, and designers have taken advantage of the freedom. The Necklace Trend Report has sifted through the bulk of these projects and is thus highly compatible with the work of accessory retailers and stylists.