The National Geographic 2011 Photo Contest Highlights the Year's Best

 - Dec 22, 2011
There are few current publications with a storied history and strong brand name like National Geographic, and judging from the pictures included in the National Geographic 2011 Photo Contest, there's good reason for the longevity.

The 123-year-old company is known for its exquisite taste in photography, and the National Geographic 2011 Photo Contest shows that the photography world recognizes that. The National Geographic 2011 Photo Contest received over 20,000 entries from more than 130 countries. The photographs were judged by three veteran National Geographic magazine shutterbugs, Tim Laman, Amy Koensing, and Peter Essick. The shots were divided into the categories of people, place, and nature, with a different winner selected for each one.

Out of those three categories, one will be selected as the grand jury prize winner, earning $10,000 USD and a trip to company headquarters in Washington, D.C. for the prestigious National Geographic Photography seminar in January 2012.

Check out some of the contest winners and other highlights from this excellent contest in our gallery.