Olympics Logo Printed 2500 Times On A Single Grain Of Rice

 - Aug 16, 2008
References: northwestern.edu
Northwestern University researchers have come up with yet another useful thing to write on a grain of rice - the Olympics logo! Actually, they didn’t really write it on a grain of rice, but they certainly could have. 2500 times in fact. Northwestern University nanoscientist Chad Mirkin and his colleagues have developed a new printing method, called Polymer Pen Lithography, or PPL, that allow them to print very very tiny structures on computer chips. To demonstrate their technology, Mr. Mirkin printed the Olympics logo 15,000 times in one square centimeter.

Ok, I realize it’s really not all that useful to print tiny things on grains of rice. The real point is that this type of technology could help usher in the next new cool gadget, maybe even the next iPod and other stuff too geeky to mention.