The 'Nano Membrane Toilet' Turns Human Waste into Clean Water and Ash

The 'Nano Membrane Toilet' is a innovative sanitation device that not only provides clean water, but also pathogen-free ash. As sanitation becomes a growing concern in many parts of the world, this toilet could help to solve a myriad of problems.

The Nano Membrane Toilet is revolutionary sanitation device funded by the Gates Foundation. The toilet functions as a self-contained system and it requires no additional water to operate. What makes the toilet so unique is the ability to convert human water into clean water and a form of pathogen-free ash. This feat is achieved through the use of scraper that sends waste to the bottom of the collection tank and liquid through a fine membrane. The toilet then extracts only the water molecules and condenses them into hydrophilic beads. The resulting water can be used for everything from washing to drinking.

The toilet's unique design means that people would not only be able to meet their sanitation needs without connecting to a city-wide sewage network, but it would also generate clean water for the home.