Mustardo Paints the Ninja Turtles with Extreme Grit

 - Dec 30, 2011
References: mustardo.cghub & geektyrant
Many will be shocked to learn that these Mustardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle illustrations are actually more faithful to the original comics than the famous ‘90s cartoon series. At its core, the Ninja Turtles were a group of badass fighters who were out for revenge over the death of their master, Splinter, and Mustardo’s wicked renditions of the turtles amidst wild action poses really captures the gritty feel that was missing from everyone’s favorite nostalgic cartoon.

Mustardo is a Concept Artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He drew these Ninja Turtle images on a whim, but the results far surpass many up-and-coming illustrators’ fan art of the animal crime fighters. It’s also apparent that Mustardo injected his images with a sense of realism, giving his version of the turtles realistic weapon harnesses as well as a few battle scars.