Google's Music Timeline Shows Music from the 1950s to Today

 - Jan 22, 2014
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Google has recently launched The Music Timeline, which is designed to be a platform where anyone and everyone is able to immerse themselves in a wide range of music that was popular during the time-specific decades.

If you've ever gone through the tedious process in looking for popular songs in the 1990s and were instead bombarded with a whole list of songs from the 80s or even from the 2000s, Google has now created a new timeline to solve all those music finding problems.

The site is extremely easy to use and looks even better, the interface is a multicolored, visual timeline that shows the most popular genres, ranging from different popularity and individual artists dating back from the 1950s until the present day.

Through analyzing different libraries of Google Play users, Google was able to assemble this list that show the highs and lows of the music world.