This Package Includes Access to Guvera's Music Streaming Service

Virgin Mobile is now offering a unique promotion that gives consumers access to Guvera's music streaming service. The popularity of platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music demonstrate that Millennial consumers are interested in streaming music instead of downloading it. Virgin Mobile hopes to capitalize on this phenomena by offering music streaming as part of its new phone package.

Virgin Mobile's new promotion is called 'ONE B1G GIG' and it is available now until the end of April 2016. To access the promotion, consumers need to connect the Guvera app to their Virgin Mobile account. These post-paid users will then receive an extra GB of data each month to use Guvera's music streaming service. The extra 1GB of data translates into roughly 400 tracks or 21 hours of music. For those who switch from their original provider to Virgin Mobile, the company is offering 11GB of data per month, 1GB of which is reserved for using Guvera.

The promotion is targeted towards Millennial consumers who intend to use a significant portion of their monthly data for streaming music.