The 'Mulciber' is a Wood Stove That Produces Clean Air

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: mffire & fastcoexist
The 'Mulciber' is a revolutionary food stove that burns clean air. One of the biggest problems with wood burning stoves is the health risks associated with the air pollution they produce. In fact, the particles found in soot can become lodged in someone's lungs, potentially causing asthma attacks and increasing the risk of heart disease. However, now there is an ultra-efficient wood stove that eliminates this risk factor.

The Mulciber is a specially designed wood stove produced by the startup 'MF Fire.' Unlike other wood stoves, the Mulciber allows for greater control over the air produced. This is possible due to a fan that drives air through the system and produces virtually no soot. Not only does the stove produce cleaner air, but it also comes with a smart controller that makes it easier for users to get the fire started and keep it going.

With nearly two and a half million American households using wood as their main source of heat, this stove could provide a safer option for many consumers.