Cirque du Soleil Hosts 'Moving Stars and Earth for Water' in Orbit

 - Oct 11, 2009   Updated: Aug 10 2011
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Highlighting the scarcity of water, Guy Laliberte, the Canadian founder of Cirque du Soleil hosted his usual over-the-top performances from space.

Called “Moving Stars and Earth for Water,” the show even included a chat between Laliberte and Bono, who was performing a concert in Tampa, Florida with U2.  The two-hour performance linked singers, dancers to the International Space Station with 14 world cities. This event is the first of its kind to be hosted from space.

Implications - Guy Lailberte actually spent his entire last week on the space station after dropping a staggering $35 million to fly aboard a Russian spacecraft, making him only the world's seventh passenger that paid to enter space. "I decided to use this privilege to raise awareness of water issues," he said.

Mission accomplished, Laliberte. Mission accomplished.