This Infographic Lists Movie Snacks from Around the World

 - May 7, 2014
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In North America we enjoy movie snacks such as popcorn, soft drinks and nachos as traditional food staples to pair with our movie experience. But other countries around the world have extremely different movie snack options that speak to their cultural surroundings. The '20 Movie Snacks from Around the World' infographic lists what other countries' popular cinematic treats are.

The '20 Movie Snacks from Around the World' infographic uses quirky food graphics as a fun way to show what other countries are eating at the movie theater. While in the US we eat butter-flavored popcorn, did you know that in Thailand they have Tom Yum spicy soup-flavored popcorn? Some countries even serve ethnic delicacies at theater. Norway interestingly offers dried reindeer meat to its guests -- I'm not sure if I'd be bold enough to try it.