The Moveable Urinal is Ideal for Men with Limited Mobility

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: tuvie
Men are lucky enough to have the parts to pee with little preparation and the Moveable Urinal concept brings that ease back to guys with physical disabilities. It's difficult enough to transition from a wheelchair to a toilet in a public washroom stall every time nature calls, so it's great to see that Fuming Wu is thinking about a way to achieve bladder relief with less added effort.

This invention is essentially a miniature wall-mounted system with a removable ergonomic receptacle. The user needs only to reach the detachable nozzle, bring it towards his lap, urinate inside it and replace it within the hygienic bracket. The deposited liquid is sent down the tubing into the pipes while the Moveable Urinal mount sprays the retractable component with water and disinfectant after use.