'More or Less' is Shot from the Perspective of a Peeping Tom

The 'More or Less' editorial and video by A12 Agency shows several models wearing sleek outfits in a seemingly upscale home. The shoot included luxe details like heels from Louboutin, femininely styled hair and strong make up, for contrast.

All of these details helped to make the models feel confident, and helped Marcin Biedron photograph them as though he were an outsider or a peeper. Strongly printed shirts with glossy skirts and dresses, big necklaces and accessories like masks or rabbits ears gave the girls a relaxed and fun look. Dorota Florek was the stylist behind this shoot, Marcin Biedron was the photographer, Anna Stykała took care of makeup and Marta Szotyńska did the hair for the shoot.