ALARMclock Ticks Away the Minutes of Your Life

 - Nov 8, 2013
References: theverge
Alarm clocks help drag reluctant people out of bed in the mornings, but ALARMclock gives a motivational morning wake-up call that won't soon be forgotten. ALARMclock alerts a person not just with the time, but with how many minutes they have to live, how much money is in their accounts, and even how many people know they exist.

The wood-paneled, 2-bit LED screen alarm clocks quantify social network data to calculate how many friends one has, and calculates life expectancy based on several factors including health,age, family history and diet. ALARMclock can also securely connect to and display any financial data of one's choosing, including one's bank account balance or investment performance.These alarm clocks can be connected to a computer, tablet or phone via WiFi for customization as well.

Inspired by the pessimistic economic climate of 2012, these alarm clocks will back a morbid motivation punch to anyone seeking to achieve success in their lifetime.