This Mondrian Mini-ITX Case is a Techie Artistic Replica

 - May 31, 2012
References: slipperyskip & apartmenttherapy
Painted masterpieces are cropping up in places that their creators would never have anticipated. Just take a look at this clever Mondrian Mini-ITX Case, it was deliberately designed to assume the appearance of a de Stijl painting.

The talented Jeffrey Stephenson made this PC terminal tower from scratch using wood panels and what look to be custom heatsink finnings. Having assembled all of the inner workings of the computer, he sandwiched them with a vice, set everything with glue and then arranged a grid of squared dowels as the framework for his color blocks.

After painting the dowels, hand-cut acrylic tiles of red, yellow, blue and white were set into the rectangular recesses to come flush with the black grid. They emit a glossy shine that establishes a well-crafted look to the Mondrian Mini-ITX Case.