Monarch Trivet Tiles by Louis A. Lara are Whimsical

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: laradesigns & laradesigns
Inspired by the wings of the Monarch butterfly, this set of two flexible silicone trivet tiles can be used individually or in tandem to accommodate larger serving dishes. Combined with additional sets, any size serving dish can be handled, and limitless patterns can be created to beautifully dress the table long before the food arrives.

Monarch Trivet Tiles are made out of silicone, and the response to this new design has been very positive. The design will soon be available through the LARA e-commerce site and retail shops. Currently available in black, red, orange and green, these Monarch Trivet Tiles never fail to start a conversation, and they sure dress up the table for when you have guests over for dinner.