Moderne Wood Animals will Jazz up Living Rooms

 - Nov 6, 2011
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Moderne Wood Animals, designed by Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham, are imaginative wooden figurines that transform from 2D puzzles into 3D sculptures.

The inventive toy is available in five different animal styles, and is constructed out of American black walnut and white oak veneer. The beautifully grained woods add a decorative element to the dynamic design of the children's toy. Moderne Wood Animals are made up of a few pieces, making them very easy for anyone to assemble. The flat pieces are slotted together making them form a multidimensional sculptural element. The playful decor is both sophisticated and simple, and has the ability to win over the hearts of a lot of different age groups.

The Moderne Wood Animals are artful, sculptural, distinctive and most of all, fun.