The 'Mini' Hearing Aid Ad is a Comical Way to Make You Listen

 - Feb 4, 2011   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: ibelieveinadv
Advertising agency 'Monday' released this featured 'Mini' hearing aid ad as a hilarious promotion of 'Mini' products. Many suffer from difficult listening due to many health complications, but this comical approach makes it easier for many to comprehend.

The featured slogans show you how common words such as "dog" could be misinterpreted as words like "rock," "clock" or "sock," making hearing problems a little more understandable for those who don't have the issue.

Implications - A beneficial quality or trait for modern businesses to embody is humor. Not only does it create a favorable image of a business, it leads consumers to feel comfortable and at ease. Individuals are much more likely to invest in an organization they trust.