Milkmuny Buys Containers to Create Earth-Friendly Wallets

 - Jul 3, 2009
References: milkmuny & treehugger
It’s always good to see businesses that are helping the earth and those around them without sacrificing the coolness of their product. Milkmuny does just that and creates a perfect win/win scenario.

Milkmuny recognized a big flaw in recycling. While we all drink milk, cartons aren’t recyclable in all places, and as such, there are tons left to be thrown away. The designer behind Milkmuny, John Schreiber, decided to buy those cartons from schools and other locations, and create super fun origami-like wallets out of them.

So not only is a cute design being made and the earth is being helped, but Milkmuny puts part of their profits towards charities. Check out these great earth-friendly (and $10) wallets from Milkmuny above.