The Mighty Dwarf Amplifies Audio Through the Use of Its Surroundings

 - Nov 2, 2012
References: mightydwarf & core77
The Mighty Dwarf is an unusual speaker that transfers its sound to its surroundings in order to properly amplify the audio. Likening the opposite effect to a set of guitar strings with the body of a guitar, the strings would make a sound, but only a very soft sound. Essentially, whatever the Mighty Dwarf is placed on, be it a frisbee, bench or other flat surface, will help to resonate the sound.

Produced by LAVA Imports Inc., the Mighty Dwarf creates a sensational, 360 degree listening experience by using its electrical output to produce a powerful, coordinated and sustained vibration. It can be used with other devices such as an iPad or iPhone as a music player or even a speakerphone.